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Sailing Day - A Bump of Chicken Community [entries|friends|calendar]
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Ae you still there? [24 Jan 2011|12:29pm]

Hi, Newbie here and fan of BOC!

I'm wondering...is this community still active? I noticed the last post was in 2007...
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[05 Mar 2007|06:19pm]

You guys might be interested to know that I found the Guild puppet show on you tube:

I just finished watching it and it was so sad.. T__T
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BOC icons [12 Jan 2007|05:37pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Just me with a very small batch of icons. A miniscule one at that, given the hectic packing to and from Tokyo. I'll update with more, when I settle down. Sorry for the cross-post.

In case anyone is interested, here are previews:

( Ima mo, maji de. )
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[04 Dec 2006|03:04pm]

Namida no Furusato at #1 for Oricon Weekly!!
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Purple SKY Web Exclusive - "Ningyougeki Guild" DVD Review [04 Dec 2006|12:55am]


If you're not familiar with the magazine, purple SKY is a quarterly print magazine devoted to Japanese rock. On our site, you can check out our other Web exclusives and browse pages from the magazine.
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Excite special - Namida no Furusato [22 Nov 2006|09:32pm]

Here's the link to the Excite page for Namida no Furusato. It's got lots of pretty stuff, so check it out! XD

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Namida no Furusato Single [22 Nov 2006|12:10am]

Bump of Chicken single is out =]

here is the torrent: http://www.dreamorabt.com/download.php?id=1684&name=BUMP%20OF%20CHICKEN%20-%20Namida%20no%20Furusato%20%5B2006.11.22%5D.torrent

or if you don't want to use the torrent I uploaded it
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[15 Nov 2006|05:48pm]

I found Bump of Chicken's Namida no Furusato pv:

I think the pv is really good!
I can't wait until the single comes out. =]
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BUMP OF CHICKEN's new single releases 2006-11-22! [10 Oct 2006|07:00pm]

10th October, as expected, BUMP OF CHICKEN's homepage has announced this news -

YAY! NEW SINGLE's scheduled to be released on 2006-11-22!!!!!
1. Namida no furusato (a song for the LOTTE airs commercial)
2. Makkaina sora wo mita darouka

You can hear and see the commercial here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn4oyR2HLVA&mode=related&search=

New Single「涙のふるさと」リリース決定!

約1年ぶりとなるNew Single「涙のふるさと」のリリースが決定しました。

12th Maxi Single
TFCC-89191 ¥1.050(tax in)
1.涙のふるさと(LOTTE airs(エアーズ)CMタイアップ楽曲)
2.真っ赤な空を 見ただろうか

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[28 Sep 2006|11:20am]
Take a look at this week's uploads at _orange_pekoe_:

Asian Kung-Fu Generation - "Kaiga kyoushitsu" [PV & mp3]
Bump of Chicken - Jupiter [album]
Bump of Chicken - Sharin no uta [single]
Bump of Chicken - Only lonely glory [single]

No Regret Life - Sign [album]
Ootsuka Ai - Smily [PV]
Remioromen - Ether [album]
Shuuji to Akira - Seishun amigo [PV]
Tokio - Act II [album]

I also accept requests ^__^

(follow the fake-cut)

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ad ^^ [24 Sep 2006|04:43pm]
Hello everyone!

I've opened a journal where I will upload full albums, singles and pvs of several Asian artists (mostly Japanese, though). The uploads will include both pop and
rock works, and I accept requests.

So far I've only got two albums up:
Bump of Chicken - Jupiter
Tokio - Act II
but I'm going to upload many more. I also plan to upload Bump of Chicken's whole discography and all the pvs I own (which are many, but not all ç__ç)

So please visit me at _orange_pekoe_! ^__^ Yoroshiku!
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Interview and photo session footages [15 Sep 2006|09:50pm]

DVD is out soon, so BUMP OF CHICKEN is busy doing photo shoots. You can find interview and fun footages here - http://whatsin.musicnet.co.jp/ (click on the link under "MOVIE")

ps: loveandcoffee, the last video shows Fujikun's precious smile =)
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Bump of Chicken new release!!! [18 Aug 2006|11:57am]
Finally BOC have a new release, due out September 20th!
It's not a single, but a movie, called "Ningyougeki girudo" (Marionette guild)! Cover of the dvd and translation of the news found here follows:

"We've made you wait, this is BOC, bringing you news after a long time!
[Our new release] is an original mute movie, with only music and subtitles, which has been written by vocalist Fujiwara Motoo and produced by the director of BOC pvs, Banjou Hideichi! The theme song has also been written by Fujiwara Motoo and performed by BOC; this is a great work that was in the making for about one year! Please look forward to see it!"

OH GOD! An animated movie written by Fuji! Really, is there anything in the world that man can't do? Moreover, it's so likely that the theme song will be released as a single! And the art looks so lovely.
I'd preorder it right now (it only costs 2500 yen, less than 20 dollars) but neither yesasia nor cdjapan list it for preorder yet. ;__;

I'm so exciteeeeeed >___<
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Hello [17 Aug 2006|01:53pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hi I was wondering if anyone has some pictures of the band? Maybe you could post them or something..? ^^;;

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Help! [19 Jul 2006|02:14pm]
Hi everyone!
I'm desperately looking for readable scans of January 2006 issue of Rockin'on Japan. I've just known that in that magazine, there is a very long interview to Fuji regarding his life and I would love to read it so much. I can translate it in English for everyone to read, then, if you want to. I don't care about the pictures (well, in fact... I do XD but secondarily) the most important part is the written part.
I've been so stupid not to buy the magazine when I was in Japan *cries*
Thanks a lot if anyone can help.
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Bump icons [24 Jun 2006|09:50pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Some Bump Icons!

Because they deserve far too much love to go unnoticed ♥


( Laugh Maker, joudan ja nai! )
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NEWS! Fujiwara Solo Soundtrack Album [11 Mar 2006|10:19pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

1st motoo fujiwara solo sound track album
TFCC-86193 \2.100(tax in)
2006.3.22 on sale

  1. 譜歌 ~quartet~
  2. meaning of birth
  3. promise
  4. time to raise the cross
  5. in between 1 and 0
  6. a place in the sun
  7. mirrors
  8. finish the promice
  9. 譜歌 ~song by tear~
  10. promice ~live~
  11. カルマ
  12. abyss
  13. 譜歌 ~solo~

copied and pasted from the official website--any more information on this would be totally appreciated!
march 22 release? unfortunately, it probably will not o be #1 because the boyband KAT-TUN is releasing their debut album that day. :D;
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Bump of Chicken - 20060311 Live Report! [12 Mar 2006|11:48am]

[ mood | Still esctatic +_+ ]

The concert last night...it was awesome. +_+ I wrote up a huge long live report since people seemed interested. ^^ It's in my journal here. ^^ Have a nice day~

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Hello~ [07 Mar 2006|09:23pm]

Heh, I was wondering whether there were any Bump LJ comms out here, and looks like I've found it. ^^ I'm Miru, a Bump fan from Korea, nice to meet you~ Um..Bump's doing a live concert here in Korea in a couple days, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a live report or a list of what they playes or anything of that sort. +_+ If not, this was just a "hello" post, I guess. ^^;;
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PVs wanted *please* [20 Jan 2006|05:52pm]
Hello everyone ^_^
I was wondering if you could share some Banchiki PV's. Cause I'm little and stupid and I've ony got Planetarium and have seen a couple of them on Youtube... So anything is welcome *gets down on her knees and begs with watery puppy eyes*

On a side note, I've just published a review of "Yggdrasil" on asiamusicreview. The direct link is here ^__^ If you could read it, I'd be happy ^__^
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